Only DeMarcus Cousins trade rumor thread

Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by John Galt, Feb 19, 2017.

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  1. Peter_Gibbons

    Peter_Gibbons Well-Known Member

    Thinking back to tuesday's game against the Lakers, the entire Lakers broadcasting crew from the play by play guy to the halftime/post game show guys to the sideline reporters all kept talking about all things Cousins. They kept discussing "Wouldn't it be great if we got him?". Michael Cooper would occasionally mention the techs, but James Worthy would quickly shoot it down and defend Boogie and say something like "We'll take all the baggage that comes with Cousins, just give it to us."

    At one point, Worthy said something like "If we were to really get him....", basically saying how Cousins is so good that he can change the franchise. I though it was almost an overboard amount of love from a home team to their opponent's star at that time. Come to think of it, it sure sounded like Worthy and others knew the Lakers were in close talks with the Kings. What was their offer?
  2. Jimbob

    Jimbob Well-Known Member

    So many post that its hard to tell whats been covered. Anyways, if we can tolerate any more of the insanity better start hoping for NO, Philli, and the Kings to not fair well the rest of the season. This draft is considered deep, but how deep? I figure ten deep and realistically both our picks could fall out of that range.
  3. fansinceday1

    fansinceday1 Well-Known Member

    Maybe they have an inkling that cousins will not resign with NO. Wouldn't that be a B. Cousins walks and signs with the lakers.......yow.
  4. Hoovtrain

    Hoovtrain Well-Known Member

    I believe someone mentioned Russel/#1. Heard they also asked for Ingram but were rebuffed, but that might have just been idle gossip
  5. Peter_Gibbons

    Peter_Gibbons Well-Known Member

    That's what the LA guys on ESPN radio were saying today. With Magic signing on to be a voice on the team, they feel they can sign Boogie and retain the young core that they've built. Don't forget the Lakers will have another likely top 5 pick coming in a deep draft.

    Watch the Pelicans get stiffed and then Vivek/Vlade gets to face Boogie and a Lakers team fill with young talent 4 times a year in their own division. That can very well be the end result to the genius of Vlade's negotiating and Vivek's cheapskate move.
  6. sidney

    sidney Well-Known Member

    Just got a promo email from the Suns. Flash Sale! 50% off the Kings game in March! Haha
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  7. New Era

    New Era Well-Known Member


    "Position-less basketball"
    "We will be good in a few years"
    "I want the team to have fun and share the basketball"
  8. Joshoua

    Joshoua Well-Known Member

    Curry is ruining this franchise he's a real curse
  9. 206Fan

    206Fan Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I can't find the articles, but I think they were from the Bee. I don't recall if it was on this site or another, but people speculated that the former teammate was probably JT. They said something along the lines of Cuz is a great guy, but it's a different case as a teammate.
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  10. Tetsujin

    Tetsujin The Game Thread Dude

    Has there ever been an owner in professional sports that has as much of a hard-on for another franchise as Vivek has for the Warriors?
  11. SLAB

    SLAB Well-Known Member

    It was really good to find out that each and every one of our 7 SGs can shift somewhere between PG to PF. That really really helps that whole depth "problem" we have on our hands right now.
  12. Tetsujin

    Tetsujin The Game Thread Dude

    Well the Kings only have one SF right now and that's only because Aaron Afflalo is too slow to be a SG anymore.
  13. John Galt

    John Galt Well-Known Member

    right??? it is so bad :(
  14. peacelate

    peacelate Well-Known Member

    Didn't he show up at a Warriors playoff game a few years back to cheer them? Dude should just sell the Kings and become a minority owner on his dream team.
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  15. SLAB

    SLAB Well-Known Member

    You're getting lost in those silly "positions"

    Today's game doesn't have those. Just play hard, share the ball, and have fun. Everything else will work itself out.
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