[Game] Kings v. Sixers - Thursday, Nov. 9 - 7 PT

Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by VF21, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. VF21

    VF21 #KingsFansForever Staff Member Contributor

    So, now they know what winning at home feels like. Granted it wasn't the rocking Arco of days of old, but it's a step in the right direction.

    The Sixers pull into town on Thursday with their record of 6-4 but without the services of Jerryd Bayless who is out indefinitely with soreness in the same wrist that kept him out last season. They're saying there's no ligament damage but he is going to be reevaluated, a sign that virtually no Sixer fan thinks is gonna end well. Markelle Fultz is also unavailable for the game, adding to the list of point guards who haven't faced DeFox. ;)
    Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are expected to play.

    There was something for everybody in Tuesday's game. WCS cut his hair. Kings fans early in the game settled in for a loss but were surprised and dare I say thrilled to see the light go on over Buddy Hield's head as he remembered why he's here. And while everybody seemed to be focused on watching Buddy Buckets, both DeFox and JJ looked like they belonged out there, too. Just a glimpse of what's to come for Kings fans, as a tiny little corner of Vlade's vision came into view.

    I don't like the Sixers. I don't like "the process", I don't like how the sports media fawns over them as though they should be viewed as a blueprint for a successful NBA franchise when, to date, they haven't done diddly and/or squat. Well, wait. They did select Franklin the Dog as their mascot in 2015.


    I just want to see heart and hustle, energy and effect...again. I know there will be times when it looks like a bunch of 4-year-olds playing t-ball for the first time and that's fine. I just want to see them TRY. We're blessed to have a LOT of talent on our team, I just hope to see them working to use that talent together.

    It may be frustrating, but it's still a good time to be a Kings fan.

    Oh, and one more thing? Dave Joerger deserves a real round of applause. He's tasked with the responsibility of putting all those kids in a position to succeed and at times it looks like he's trying to herd cats.
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  2. eMBarkat10n

    eMBarkat10n Active Member

    I can live with frustration as long as I see potential. Right now, I see a lot of potential.
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  3. KingsSelecao

    KingsSelecao Active Member

    You offer up a lot of credit to easily one of the most dysfunctional teams in the NBA(Kings) Only Brooklyn is worse. I don't put any stock into this game. They played a losing team. Yes, a losing team. Despite having 3 volume scorers. Kings won this game inspite of themselves. OKC is just as bad at the moment. At least, until they figure out how Melo and George are going to play with Westbrook.

    I won't give much or any credit until the Kings beat a decent team. OKC is not that team.

    Just for the record> The Kings don't have anyone, no one on the same talent level as Simmons or Embiid. Not even close.
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  4. KingsSelecao

    KingsSelecao Active Member

    How many years have we've been talking about potential?
  5. eMBarkat10n

    eMBarkat10n Active Member

    Any team with 3 current/former All-Stars, a former MVP, and 7 playoff appearances in 9 years is considered to be "decent".

    We were all fooled during that time. In reality, we didn't really have much potential back then. Right now? We do.
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  6. gunks

    gunks Well-Known Member

    Totally agree. It's a shame Embiid can't stay healthy, he's a monster. And Simmons is the real deal.

    I'm more excited to watch those cats on Thursday than any of our guys.

    Not that I'm not excited to see Fox, Bogs, Buddy, and Skal! This should be an entertaining game, even though I'm expecting an L.
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  7. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    That is why they play the games. We will see on Thursday night. By the way your evaluation of OKC is wrong:)
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  8. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    I'm expecting the Kings to run them off the floor.
  9. Larry89

    Larry89 Disgruntled Kings Fan

    Ben Simmons is seriously impressive, a forward in the mold of a magic johnson / lebron james, extreme quickness and speed at 6'10 and strong finishing/vision/rebounding capabilities. Sixers have the ability to switch everything on the perimeter and Embiid will feast on the inside, although he has a tendency to shoot quite a few perimeter shots the Kings are quite slow and soft on the inside. Expect the Kings to get out rebounded heavily and give up open threes due to dribble penetration and having to double either Simmons/Embiid.

    Maybe we will get to see Jahlil Okafor play as well. He seems to be out of the rotation and in playing time/future plans limbo for the Sixers.

    Skal/Randolph will not be able to guard whomever stretch 4 the Sixers roll out, whether it be Simmons/Saric/Covington.
  10. VF21

    VF21 #KingsFansForever Staff Member Contributor

    I've been here since 2001. I am who I am, purple-tinted glasses and all. Sorry but you're gonna have to learn to live with it. ;)

    And, just for the record? I didn't claim the Kings have anyone on the same talent level as Simmons or Embiid. If you want to see someone singing their praises, wait for Jerry and Grant tomorrow or visit a Sixers board.
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  11. Starting Five

    Starting Five Active Member

    I will be rooting them on...GO KINGS !
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  12. macadocious

    macadocious Well-Known Member

    My son will be playing in the half time band tomorrow. He's practicing right now, lets hope they sound better as an entire unit.
  13. Suicide King

    Suicide King Well-Known Member

    Very cool
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  14. pshn80

    pshn80 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to see that someone on here has such a negative outlook as to lead to this post on this thread at this time. I was at last game. Somehow despite reading your post I really enjoyed the win- first at home - and was encouraged by the play of our team. Cheers.
  15. pshn80

    pshn80 Well-Known Member

    What difference does it make, potential s potential. I am a fan of the Sacramento Kings every year since they moved here. Why do I care how long that is? A most interesting team to follow.
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  16. whozit

    whozit Well-Known Member

    Marching Band? My daughter's season just ended. The kids love it, but it is brutal. They don't think twice if a member collapses after a competition. Football practices have nothing on those kids. I'll bet they sound hugely better as a unit.
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  17. dude12

    dude12 Well-Known Member

    Any game the Kings win this year is going to be an accomplishment.
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  18. KingsFanGER

    KingsFanGER Well-Known Member

    Well I think we should give Credit, where Credit is deserved. The Kings, especially the young players, played very good team defense and had quite a few moments if great individual defense aswell. That's something.

    And while I agree, that the Kings have no talent like Simmons or Embiid and that Vlade is subpar when it comes to FA and trades, individual talent isn't everything in the NBA. You can reach the playoffs by playing as a unite. It will be tough in the West for seasons to come, but the Kings (not Vlade I would guess) have time.

    Maybe they manage not to screw things up for a change.
  19. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    There is one thing about Simmons and Embiid that has not been mentioned. Both have recently recovered from serious leg or foot injuries. If I am coaching the Kings I use the advantage I have. A deep bench of players that can run. I would game plan to test the legs and wind of the 76ers. I suspect if Brett brown sees his two Superstars gasping for air they get some bench time to rest. I also tell my Bigs to get physical with Embiid.

    I also defend the 76ers 3 point threats Redick, Saric and Covington closely. Make them win with a drive and kick. Let the 76ers win with the Superstars doing the scoring, if they can.
  20. Kingster

    Kingster Well-Known Member

    Who guards Simmons in this game?
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  21. KingsFanGER

    KingsFanGER Well-Known Member

    Has to be Justin Jackson. Pretty much the only guy, who has a small chance to stay in front of him, while having enough length to bother him on his drives.
    Really looking forward to the Embiid vs Willie matchup (if Joerger doesn't decide to play Zbo on Embiid..). Embiid is a behemoth, but is very prone to turn the ball over, when he puts it on the floor. Hopefully Willie can take advantage of that, because he will need every little advantage to hold his ground against this guy.
  22. Joshoua

    Joshoua Well-Known Member

    You’re worried about Simmons Embiid will eat us alive
  23. ppine

    ppine Well-Known Member

    The second quarter of the Kings game against OKC reminded me of Curly Howard when someone plays "Pop Goes the Weasel." Sorry if that reference is too ancient for some of you. Okay like Popeye when he eats spinach. If the Kings can play in high gear they have a chance. When they just go through the motions they are not going to beat anyone. At this point effort and desire are what are going to make the difference. When you have young guys they have to be in the habit of playing really hard.
  24. Kingster

    Kingster Well-Known Member

    Nah. We have WCS. No worries. Seriously, WCS needs to show up. If he can't guard Embiid, put him on him Simmons. I want to see WCS earn his money.
  25. Kingster

    Kingster Well-Known Member

    If WCS can't handle the strength of Embiid, I'd put him on Simmons. WCS is Mr. Mobility, so let's see him guard someone with mobility. I may be a little desperate in my thinking, but WCS is making me desperate. I want more production out of him!
  26. KingsFanGER

    KingsFanGER Well-Known Member

    Well if Joerger wants Willie on Simmons, he has to play KK instead of Zbo. Embiid will eat Zbo alive with his little jabstep jumpshot. A 6'9 overweight vet guarding a 7'2 monster, who loves to shoot right over smaller players.
    I doubt, that this matchup will work in our favour. :confused:

    Anyways - biggest key is to play good transition D and to keep their shooters under control. I would be happy with Simmons and Embiid scoring in bunches as long as their shooters don't get open 3's. Force Simmons to score, instead of letting him find the open guys and try to lure Embiid in launching 3 pointers. Every 3 he takes is a win for the Kings defense. If he makes them, there is nothing you can do.
  27. pdxKingsFan

    pdxKingsFan Well-Known Member

    Flying into Sac this afternoon for some family services this weekend. Are tickets easy to come by? Still haven't been to G1C.
  28. dude12

    dude12 Well-Known Member

    Use ticketmaster.....seats are available
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  29. The Effort Police

    The Effort Police Well-Known Member

    It's funny seeing the Sixers get trashed because their rebuilding method worked. And I'm saying that as someone that hates what they did. I hate the process, I hate the general smarminess of the process, I hate how blatant and shameless it was, and I hate the fact that we owe them a pick a year from now.

    But it worked. They got not 1 but 2 franchise players out of it. Their methods and the teams they fielded the last 3 or 4 years run completely contrarian to the methods of the Kings and the buzzwords we've been hearing this offseason.
  30. John Galt

    John Galt Well-Known Member

    The games are NEVER sold out on NBAtickets.com

    It's true - plentiful tickets in ALL price areas, even for the premium games.

    With that said, it is good to have a buddy network of ticket holders, because every resale on ticketmaster (NBATickets.com) comes with a 26% markup at checkout. That really adds up and goes straight to ticketmaster's pocket - not the seller.

    Or if you find someone on CL that you "TRUST".... *burns do happen there - I got burned once

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