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    You've past old and moved to ancient!
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    Carmichael Dave ‏Verified account@CarmichaelDave 5h5 hours ago

    Bittersweet to announce that @kayte_c is leaving me for her TV job this Friday, but get it. She hates me. She won’t be a stranger though.

    NOTE: It's her Kings TV job, in case anyone thought she was leaving Sacramento. This could mean more camera time for our girl Kayte. :)
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    Every time I start to get used the someone and enjoy them , they leave the morning show
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    They should get Phantom in there tho tbh.
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    LOL I was about to ask, thought the underline was a signature but didn't read it until I was about to reply, as it came up in the quote.
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    Epic rant by CD this morning. Encompassed everything I, and I'm sure others, feel
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    I didn't get to hear it. Did he say anything about the coaching? I feel like most of the radio personalities have been extremely reluctant to say anything other than "Trust Joerger and his staff" since he's been here.

    Popovich is the only coach in the NBA that you can trust completely.
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    Probably calling out the players' effort. The media in this town likes to focus on the symptoms and overlook the causes.
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    Hey Carmichael Dave

    Today on the morning show your brought up Hill's 19 million dollar contract, he makes 20 this year.

    That little nuance is significant. It why stores sell things for $9.99 or 19.99

    Make sure you capture that contract albatross for all its glory sir.
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    Lol a million here a million there
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    Grant & Doug just did a great interview with Joerger.

    Were talking about Randolph some, their recent success on the road, the young players development & minutes. I'm not sure if they do a online rebroadcast or anything, but was worth the time.
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    I'm still learning about podcasts but this sounds like something I'd like to hear, especially when Doug asks the questions because he truly knows whereof he speaks. Guess I'm gonna have to try and find it. Thanks for the heads up. :)
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    Their show is also in podcast form. They break it down into hours.
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    Also, if you are looking for a good podcast for the Kings try Locked on Kings. It is daily Monday - Friday hosted by Jason Ross. He often does an interview and recaps the previous day (or weekend). Runs around 20 - 40 mins.
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    Hey Dave, could you talk about the Bratz firing some on the radio tomorrow?

    The timing of this is kind of peculiar. Seems like something that would normally be done in the off season, or if you know if someone else may be on the radar to replace him.
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