Is Vlade worse than PDA?

Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by SLAB, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. TaxMan

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    I think we need to separate two components of this decision. First, was it right to move on from DMC. Second, did we get the right return in the trade. I am disappointed but can see the merits in deciding to move on. However, in two or three years time we could have a successful team in spite of the fact that we got a crap return.
  2. Spike

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    I dunno. PDA hasn't created the same kind of carnage that he did in Sacramento. Maybe he learned from his last stint...

    There is still one day left, though.
  3. IfAt1st

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    Is Vlade worse than PDA?

    We'll never know.

    Because I don't believe Vlade is remotely responsible for trading Demarcus.
    I believe that Vlade gambled all-in with the Stauskas/Landry/JT salary-dump that leveraged their future.
    The ONLY way that trade made remote sense was if the Kings were in the playoffs.
    The Kings were right there at the cusp of the playoffs, and that is with a team demolished by injuries. (!)

    There's no way Vlade willingly exposed his 76ers trade this badly by dumping Demarcus now, when there is no significant draft assets for the foreseeable future.

    So since IMO Vlade is not responsible for this self-destructive trade (despite reports to the contrary), I don't personally blame him for the cluster-**** combination of trades that has decimated the franchise.

    I blame one person - Vivek Ranadive, and his proven lying and disloyalty, tone-deaf pettiness and arrogance to speak for Kings fans and think he knows what we want, and his blind worship of the Warriors.

    To be honest, I don;t know how much PDA was responsible for the incompetence of his watch, but from his mannerisms and words and personality, I think he dove-tailed with Vivek's delusional thoughts of running a franchise better than Vlade did, therefore he was worse than against-his-will Vlade.
  4. steelevt

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    you said so yourself, dudes want to play with good players and their buddies. do you honestly think vlade could have pulled off a trade to get us another star? wade openly recruited lebron and bosh and guess what, pat riley got them and a ring. clippers wanted to keep DJ and doc "locked" him down. these are your examples. cousins wanted to play with wall, bledsoe or AD, what does Vlade do? sends cousins away to play with AD. ill stand by my original post, getting another star dmc wanted to play with in sac was impossible with this front office.
  5. Capt. Factorial

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    Yes, that's my point. The fact that a guy is recruiting his buddies is not evidence that his front office is incompetent. Players who play for perfectly competent front offices also recruit their buddies. There is plenty of evidence that our various front offices over the past decade-plus have been incompetent, but Cousins wanting to play with his buddies is really not a part of that evidence.
  6. steelevt

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    i dont know if you are following along or misinterpreting my point. it sounds like you are agreeing with me on the points that dmc wants to play with other good players/friends/kentucky alumni. you also agree that our front office past and present are incompetent or shown evidence of incompetence. i honestly believe the kings front office would never be able to get dmc the help of another allstar that he needed. do you disagree with that or was it that joke i made at the end about dmc having to do it?
  7. Bruiser62906

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    With the whole "we're gonna get you" Vivek statement about Buddy, I think there is another angle at work. Vlade traded Cousins to protect the rest of the organization, or more (less?) specifically everyone who works under him. Think about it, Vivek wants Buddy but resigns himself that it isn't gonna happen, Until Boogie decides to flip off a warriors fan after a game (amongst other things like techs, media run ins, etc...). Vivek already has an obsession with Buddy, hence the odd mention that Vlade was desperately seeking a godfather offer at the last minute, in order to dissuade Vivek from taking the Pelicans offer. Vivek decides that "I'm done, get rid of Cousins, get me Buddy" and Vlade has a decision to make. Vlade has two roads at this point. Does Vlade tell the owner, his boss, no and likely get fired and Cousins gets traded anyway, or does Vlade swallow his pride and trade Cousins for the sake of everyone who is depending on him to keep his job so they can keep their jobs?

    Think about it. If Vlade gets fired, everyone below him gets fired, including Jeager, and his draft pics (including Bogdanic) essentially get the axe too. Vlade made the decision to trade away Cousins to cover for the whims of the owner and to protect the other people that would be impacted otherwise. I know it sounds like a longshot but I just refuse to believe that Vlade was so willing to throw away his reputation and credibility just to maintain the image of "trade value" for Cousins.

    Yea this probably belongs in that theory thread but here it is.
  8. whozit

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    I often think your conspiracy theories are a little out there but that's OK, my wife gets nervous when I opine my opinion in public. I do agree with your line of thinking on this one.
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  9. Capt. Factorial

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    Apologies, I interpreted your joke as being made in earnest, and that was the point I was arguing against. Sorry, since the trade sometimes it's hard to tell what people actually mean and what they're just saying out of frustration.
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