'17 Mock Drafts Version 2.0, 3.0, etc.

Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by PurpleHaze, May 22, 2017.

  1. PurpleHaze

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  2. lwc

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    The most interesting one I've seen has the Kings taking Hamidou Diallo at 10.
  3. Ozymandias

    Ozymandias Well-Known Member

    Fox, Collins and then Frank Jackson at #34 would be an A+ haul in my book.
  4. PurpleHaze

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  5. SLAB

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  6. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Well-Known Member

    I know! Best mock draft I've seen so far for Kings. But everyone feel free to post others, good, bad or ugly:cool:
  7. roasthawg

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  8. Ozymandias

    Ozymandias Well-Known Member

    LOL. Thats an outrageously unrealistic trade.
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  9. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Well-Known Member

    Maybe too many bigs?
  10. Capt. Factorial

    Capt. Factorial Cantry Member Staff Member Contributor

    Well, I mean, other than the fact that that page is deliberately clowning people. #5+McLemore for #3+Okafor is nothing short of absolutely silly.

    First of all, we can't trade McLemore, except for in a sign-and-trade. And since we'd have to tell Philly who to pick for us, and pick the right player for Philly, we'd have to have the whole thing set up before the draft - which would mean that McLemore would have to agree to a sign-and-trade before the draft. Which is before the free agent period and therefore collusion. Not to say that collusion doesn't happen, but it would be dreadfully obvious evidence of collusion. And we might get the Minnesota treatment and have future draft picks taken away by the league as punishment. So that's strike one.

    On top of that, why in the world would Philly set up a sign-and-trade for McLemore? They could just sign him outright. What, are they worried about us and our full stable of shooting guards matching on Ben McLemore? Not gonna happen. Strike two.

    And then, there's the whole What Does Philly Get Out Of It? angle. Strike two already suggests that they wouldn't have to burn draft position to get McLemore. So, they're dumping Okafor, an at-least-somewhat-talented kid on a rookie deal? And they're PAYING in draft position to do it? Philly may well be trying to figure out what they can get for Okafor, but I'm pretty sure that moving down in the draft is not what they're looking for. It's not like Okafor's $5M next year and $6.3M the following year are going to be pushing Philly over the cap. Would Philly trade Okafor for +10 spots in the draft? Maybe. Would they trade him for -2 spots? Bzzzzt! Strike three!
  11. bajaden

    bajaden Well-Known Member

    Thank you!
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  12. PurpleHaze

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  13. kingjatt

    kingjatt Well-Known Member

    I like this alot, they call Issac the swiss army knife well suited for today's NBA. I would change #10 to Mitchell though, to me Frank does nothing that catches my eye outside of the normal insanely athletic but raw mid 6 foot wing that you can find lower in the draft, he reminds me of Timothy Lawawu from last year.

    Mitchell's shooting form reminds me so much of Malachi's and could be on track to be a lot like Damian Lillard's form. Great balance and firm, smooth off the bounce or catch.
  14. PurpleHaze

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  15. Čarolija

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  16. lwc

    lwc Well-Known Member

    I just saw that Chad Ford released his last Mock Draft before the draft tomorrow but I do not have Insider. I'm not asking for someone to copy and paste it but can someone post who he has the Kings picking?
  17. Capt. Factorial

    Capt. Factorial Cantry Member Staff Member Contributor

    I don't know if I'd say that. Obviously we don't address PG in that mock, but for both the #5 and #10 picks, the PGs on the board are not BPAs. If Jackson falls to #5 I think we have to take him over, say, Smith. And then if Smith and Ntilikina are off the board by #10, we'd be looking either at Mitchell and hoping to convert him to full-time starting PG, or again look for value. I think Leaf is going to rise a bit - I have more confidence in him than most other guys in the draft at that stage. In that mock I'd say there are four guys on the board I'd consider at 10: Mitchell, Monk, Markkanen, and Leaf. I just don't feel like Zach Collins has shown me enough relative to those guys.

    So under that mock, do we get a PG? No, but we didn't reach for a PG either. Obviously if the real draft came through like that one for #1-9, we might seriously consider trading down to get two picks, one which we could use on a lower PG. We'd also have the option of using #34 for Mason or Jackson or Morris. And there's the idea of Teodosic, who now is less likely to land on the Nets following the Russell trade. We can address PG in some way if we don't get one that we want in our two high picks.

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